Ads on google glasses

As most of you would know google is a powerhouse in the online advertising market. Its hard to search the web these days without coming across google ads in some way shape or form. Google has made the wise decision in discouraging ads on its new technology called google glass. This will reduce the amount of distractions while your trying to use the device in day to day life. Its bad enough being spammed with ads when your on your laptop or ipad let alone when your walking down the street. I cant wait for the release of this product to the public.

Ads on google glasses

Ads on google glasses

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Check out these glasses in the image above how cool do they look? This kind of reminds me of the terminator movie with his robotic view on the world. The access to the device will be limited to developers which will in turn minimise the amount of crashes and malware on the device (Chuong Nguyen). A select number of people have already got their hands on this cyborg like device and they have had the privilege of providing ideas to improve the usability of the glasses. One user stated that she would like to design an app for the glasses so she could remember peoples names at parties (Craig.M.Teicher). I for one thing that this would be a great idea as I am terrible with names. Instead of names I often refer to people by their characteristics such as the name red for a person with red hair. Im looking forward to hearing your views on the google glasses and wether or not you think that ads will prove an issue if they are allowed.

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