Blogging from the ipad (Fueling up)

The first question that I should answer here is what do I mean by fueling up? The answer is simply visiting some great sources that are related to your website and read Read READ. This allows you to catch up on the latest gossip for your topic area as well as some key points that you may have missed in your posts. I believe that the ipad is the ultimate tool for fueling up which makes the ipad a blog posting machine. So this section will only require you to sit down over a cup of coffee and read about the things that you love from numerous sources. I will go into further depth about some sources that I currently use for my website.

ipad google reader

ipad google reader

Stumbleupon: I find that a lot of people think that this social media site is a complete waste of time. At first so did I until I entered in my key interests and started stumbling on the website. By allowing stumbleupon to recognize that I am interested in the latest tech news the site provided a targeted set of amazing tech websites. Some mornings this is the only site that I will use in my fueling up process. You can also add your blog to the site, which allows a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Google reader: Within google reader I have currently bookmarked a series of my favorite sites for future use. This is a massive time saver by having all of the sites that you need for your furling up process in one place. I neat strategy to use is simply stumbling sites on stumble upon and bookmarking your favorites into google reader. This will allow these sites to be transformed into one massive news feed which you can browse every day for your fueling up process. Google reader can be downloaded and placed on the home screen of your ipad as an app.

Following market leaders:  The final resource that I will suggest for your fueling up process is simply following important people in your niche area. In my niche area the various website authors that I follow are the ones from gottabemobile. This allows me to keep up to date with the latest tech news and events. They have also proven to be a key resource when it comes to backing up the statements that you make within posts, which will in turn enhance your credibility.

I hope that this post has proven to be helpful for finding that interesting information for your niche area. The best fueling up strategies from the ipad will include a variety of sources being integrated into your main google reader feed. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below.


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