How to back up an iPad

I know what your thinking the last thing that you want to think about is having to back up your iPad. Although it is much better than losing all of your data, game saves and recipes on that cooking app you got last summer. So I have decided to pool together some experts in the area and find out exactly how do you back up an iPad?

iCloud: Our first option that we will explore is the use of iCloud in backing up your iPad. Now as far as i know iCloud is an app that produces a rain cloud that hovers over your friend all day jolting them with lightning. So i decided to go to someone who has a bit more experience with iCloud then me. Daniel Nations is an avid writer on who seems to pretty much have all the answers. Firstly you will need to go to the settings option which will allow you to select iCloud. Now under iCloud there should be an option to select the various things that you wish to backup. By default most of these should be selected. If you would like some additional information for backing up on iCloud consult Daniel at

Itunes: You can also back up your iPad using iTunes which in ways can be a lot more simple when compared to iCloud. All you will need to do is ensure that iCloud is switched off. From here all you will need to is write click on your device and hit back up. This will backup your device to your laptop and allow the files to be retrieved at a later date. If your wondering how does this mega geek know all this stuff to be honest i cant take the credit here the geek you should be referring to is Jill Duffy at PC MagFeel free to check out her page for some additional information on tracking down files etc.

Now above there are two very effective ways of backing up your device and I am looking forward to hearing your views on how effective they really are. So if you found this post helpful in any way hit the like button below.


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