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Im sure that everyone has seen the movies where you get that pretty smart looking guy who controls his house with an ipad. Until now this had me stumped in relation to finding out how to use the ipad as a remote without spending a truck load of cash.

ipad remotes assumed cost

IPad remotes assumed cost.

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I know that majority of people don’t have the equipment and evil streak to rob a bank so all I can say is dont stress we will get through it together.

Now back to the task at hand i was browsing gottabemobile and I found a post that came in quite handy and to be honest it shocked me a little. According to gottabemobile the piece of equipment to sync all of your bluetooth devices to your ipad was only $50. It has been scientifically proven that this device will increase your likelihood of getting laid by at least 30% so lets check it out (warning facts may be made up to add dramatic effect).

beacon ipad remote

Ipad remote

Sourced from gottabemobile

So for all you gamers out there yes this can connect to you Xbox,speakers and even your stereo. So now you can also look like a fancy tech geek when your girlfriend comes over. So for some more information on this device feel free to check out the reference section below.Im looking forward to hearing your comments on how this product has helped you score a girl i mean enhanced your ipad experience. Also for a bit of fun hit the like button below if you think that robotics will ever get to the stage where killer robots will control the world.


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