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There are some great Ipad blogging apps out there that allow you to do everything that you would normally do with a computer. As you know there is the stereotypical image of entrepreneurs blogging from their local coffee shops. Odds are they are using a blogging app such as blogsy or maybe even the WordPress ipad app which has gained a great deal popularity lately. So today I thought I would cover the wonderful tool called blogsy.

Blogsy: Blogsy is an app that keeps getting a revamp as it begins to be outdated. This is exactly what you need for a blogging app as the realm of blogging is constantly changing. The main quality that has made blogsy so popular is the ability to create posts within the app and post them later on. This allows you to create a great looking post when your having coffee or even walking along the beach. So begin to picture a long walk along the beach and as you watch the waves crash over the rocks you think of an amazing idea for a post. You can snap a picture of the ocean and create the post instantly. Then when you get back home all you need to do is connect blogsy with your blogging network and upload the post.

About Blogsy: When I first decided to write a post about blogsy I was a little unsure about how I can convey the various benefits of the app. So i decided that I should let an interactive video show everyone the inner workings of this great app. It will be interesting to see in the future if the blogsy team begins Designing a website for mobile and tablets in order to consolidate the buyers feedback into one place.

I hope that you have enjoyed the video feel free to check out the links below for new innovative ways to blog from the ipad.

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