Stanza being reborn (ipad reader app)

Stanza is an ebook reading app which became quite popular on the iPhone and iPod touch. Although the app was soon crushed by the ebook and kindle giant amazon due to the increasing popularity of the app. Now amazon has finally realised that it was such a shame to let such a great application go to waste amazon has brought it back for the iPad. Thus Stanza was reborn and can now regain the popularity that is deserves.

stanza ipad app


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I could blab on and on about the various functions of Stanza, which may or may not bore you to pieces so i though i would take another approach in the form of a video.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post on the wondrous iPad app called stanza. Feel free to add your views in the comments section below in relation to what you think of stanza. If you would like some additional information in the app feel free to check out the lovely people at blogger buzz. Feel free to hit the like button below if your a massive nerd that loves reading books on their iPad i know I am.


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