Temple run 2 for the iPad

Temple run is one of the most popular games out there for the iPad. Now there is the second version out for the iPad. What i find strange though is the the guy is running along a never ending path there is no way to win (IGN). Im not very good at this game because I’m sympathetic for him. Why should i tire him out running along an endless path when he can die humanely at the hands of a giant monkey.

temple run 2

Ipad temple run 2

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This game is definitely a lot more challenging than its younger brother which is exactly what was needed. I think that the temple run fans have really enjoyed the newer version because of the challenge. So feel free to go to the app store and check it out. For some additional references feel free to check out the links below. If you think that this giant monkey is just a gorilla during mating season and has other things in his mind feel free to hit the like button below.


Temple run 2 cheats

Temple run Facebook

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