Teemo ipad decal

I have been searching for some time now and I have finally found a Teemo ipad decal. Teemo is one of my favourite champions although he is normally defined as a troll pick because he is notoriously annoying.

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This little critter can be quite a bursty AP carry although majority of his time is spent in the top lane fending off monsters such as Nasus. Because of his small cute like stature he has been classed as the cutest character on the rift. For those who arent familiar with teemo,s game play I have decided to include a video of this cute little critter being played in top lane.

I hope that you have enjoyed the video of teemo vs nasus and if you have any comments that you would like to add feel free to leave them below.

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Hey everyone i am a current university student looking to inform the world of my interest for ipads and how you can deck them out.
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