Whats with the new smart Tv’s

Hey guys i thought i would ask for your views on the new smart Tv’s. I know i have enough trouble working my TV as it is without involving the functions of the internet. Although i guess it would come in handy for using Skype. The other day my not so tech savvy parents decided to go on ¬†cruise ship. To be honest they were a little worried about leaving us home all alone although the boat was equipped with smart Tv’s and free wifi. So little did they know that we were literally a mouse click away but then again my dad didn’t know what a wifi was.

Samsung UN32EH5300 32-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED HDTV (Black)

Just look at this evil looking thing it is just waiting for the terminator to make the call and end civilisation as well know it. Feel free to click the link above I’m surprised that they aren’t advertising the hidden laser beams on amazon. I think that would make a great sales pitch like imagine being able to sick you Tv onto that little annoying dog next door.
So im looking forward to hearing everyones views in the new smart Tv’s and wether or not you think that they are worth buying. If you think that smart Tv’s will develop laser beams and take over the world please hit the like button below.

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